Meet the Team

We are passionate about making a difference to college access, one student at a time. This is who we are.

Executive Team

Amrit Kandel

Amrit graduated from the largest inner-city public school in Nebraska. He understands first-hand the need for a scalable web-based platform to address the unmet gaps in college preparatory services. He is passionate about using the power of CS and the Internet for social good. He is particularly interested in removing systemic barriers to basic universal needs such as high quality education, healthcare, opportunities and the pursuit of happiness.

Henry Yuen

Henry grew up in New Zealand and graduated from Duke University, currently working as a software engineer at Google in New York. He has worked with schools in Nepal to develop experiential learning and mentorship curriculum. His passion lies in leveraging technology to expand educational access and quality for all students, regardless of their background.

Raul Aguilera

As he battled his way to attend college as a student in an under-resourced small town, Raul understands the need for a scalable, technology-based solution that can deliver essential college preparatory resources to students even in the most underserved areas. Raul studied accounting and business management at the University of Nebraska and brings his experience in strategy execution to assist in operational, administrative, financial, and marketing aspects of CollegePrep.

Mason Watson

Mason is a Tennessee native who is attending Harvard University and concentrating in Computer Science. He hopes to use his connections to the rural South and growing technical skills to promote education equality.


Aaron Kirtland

After growing up in Kentucky, Aaron is studying Computer Science and Chinese at Washington University in St. Louis. Aaron's enthusiasm stands with allowing equal access to educational materials for all students, independent of geographic location or financial situation.

Adnan Islam

Adnan is a New York native who is finishing his final year at New York University as a computer science major. He hopes to contribute his technical skills to the development of cool and innovative technologies that tackle some of the world's most pressing issues.


Born and raised in India, Aniruddho is a senior at the University of Calcutta. Aniruddho's passion lies in shaping the future with the help of artificial intelligence.

Ansh Prakash

Ansh is a 2nd-year computer science student at IITD. He is very interested in machine learning. In fact, he completed a machine learning course on Coursera in 2017.

Anthony Lee

Born and raised in South Korea, Anthony is currently a junior at University of Massachusetts Amherst as a Computer Science major. Having served the South Korean Army and meeting soldiers of different educational backgrounds, Anthony hopes to make education available to anyone who is in need.

Anusha Datar

Anusha Datar is a first-year electrical and computer engineer at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Before that, she went to Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. As an engineer, she hopes to use an analytical approach to solve human problems, especially those in the spaces of equity and education. When she's not writing code, making things, or helping in her community, she enjoys running and eating frozen yogurt.

Ashutosh Kumar

Born and raised in India , Ashutosh Kumar is a sophomore studying Computer Science Engineering at VIT University, Vellore. He is passionate about programming. He doesn't want to limit his scope to the classrooms; hence, he always makes sure to gain knowledge from as many platforms as possible. He believes that financial problems should not come as a barrier to anyone who wants to learn. His aim is to use his skills for the betterment of the society.

Bobby Johnston

A Massachusetts native, Bobby completed undergraduate degrees at UMass Amherst in Chemical Engineering and Physics, and is now studying nuclear & particle physics at MIT as a graduate student. Bobby has been working as a tutor since high school, ran an undergraduate lab class in college, and wants everyone to have access to high quality, affordable, educational resources and tutors

Camilla Moraes

Camilla is currently a Junior studying Economics and Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. Her goal is to leverage her business acumen and technical skills to help companies deliver great user experiences and execute visual design strategies.

David Yi

From New York City, David has flown across the country to study at University of California, Berkeley. Currently a freshmen in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, David aims to help implement and provide resources to help all students get into their dream colleges.

Destiny Nwafor

Destiny Nwafor is a freshman studying computer science at Cornell University. She hopes to share the same opportunities she has been fortunate to have with underrepresented students.

Fatima Kahbi

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fatima now studies Computer Science at Yale University. She strongly believes in the importance of accessible, quality educational resources for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and is excited to be contributing to a great cause with CollegePrep. Fatima is both a Technical Contributor and Ambassador at Yale for CollegePrep.

GP lee

Originally from South Korea, GP studies Computer Science at NYU. Before college, he went to a boarding school in Holderness, NH, and he learned nordic ski there. GP fell in love with nordic ski and now goes skiing if time is available. GP hopes to contribute his technical skills to enable individuals to pursue their goals without geographical and financial barriers

Jeffrey J Rodriguez

Born and raised in San Diego, Jeffrey currently studies at Stanford University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Growing up as a low-income person of color, Jeffrey found fulfillment and joy through education-related public service.

Jessica Li

Jessica Li is a senior at Harvard, pursuing an honors degree in applied mathematics, economics, and computer science. Outside of academics, she is an early stage tech venture investor with Rough Draft Ventures/General Catalyst, Global Founders Capital, and Romulus Capital. Beyond venture, she advises and sits on the board of several startups and social enterprises, teaches advanced macroeconomics at Harvard, runs the fellows program at Female Founders Fund, leads the EdTech network at the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching, conducts autonomous driving research with the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, volunteers with UNICEF, and trains for marathons. She is from New Jersey and grew up in China. 

Jennifer Lin

Jennifer is currently a second-year undergraduate student attending Cornell University where she is studying Information Science. Standing at the intersection of design, business, and technology, Jennifer aspires to use a humanistic approach (observing and empathizing with people) to design products and services that enhance people's interactions and experiences with the world. During her spare time, you can find Jennifer reading young adult and self-help books, taste-testing new foods at different restaurants, and watching miscellaneous videos on Youtube.

Jessica Chen

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Jessica is currently studying at Cornell University as a Computer Science major. She hopes to utilize the benefits of technology to improve the accessibility to educational tools and resources and break down the barriers that hinder children/young adults from achieving their potential.

Josie Liu 

Originally from China, Josie is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied product development. As a UX designer, Josie is passionate about using design to create a positive impact on people's lives.

Kanak Agrawal

Kanak is a third year undergrad studying Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay. He believes that educating others is a noble business, and with CollegePrep, he aims at helping the needy. Kanak spends his free time playing outdoor games, reading books or watching movies. He is always ready for a game of Chess.

Karmen Liang

Having grown up in Hawaii, Karmen is now studying Computer Science and Art Studio at Williams College. She believes in the potential of well-designed technology in expanding the accessibility of college prep and hopes to explore creative solutions to the inequity of opportunities in education.

Kevin Cheng

Born in Taiwan and raised in Shanghai, Kevin is a current student at University of Southern California, majoring in Design and minoring in Computer Science. Kevin was inspired by his father who saves lives through bio-engineering and wanted to be like him. So, he uses his creative skills to address issues and aims to contribute to the society through design. He also loves playing League of Legends.

Linda Vong

Born and raised in Seattle, Linda is currently a student at the University of Washington pursuing a major in Computer Science with a minor in Education, Learning, & Society. She is passionate about equitable education, having worked closely with systemically underserved students in reading and math. Linda seeks to utilize her interests and skills in STEM to reduce unfair barriers and enact tangible change.

Lucia G. Grandison

Lucia is a student at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. In addition to being a performer and musical theatre enthusiast, Lucia is passionate about trailblazing pathways for students from diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and ability backgrounds in STEM fields in which these backgrounds are chronically and systemically underrepresented.

Maria Burzillo

A sophomore at Harvard University studying applied mathematics and government, Maria is interested in applying her quantitative and analytical background to solving social justice issues. Maria is passionate about creating the educational resources and opportunities to help all individuals reach their potential and pursue their goals.

Manish Kumar Singh

Growing up in India, he is studying Computer Science in VIT. Manish's passion lies in the full stack web development and new technologies in the artificial intelligent fields. Also, he wants to share his personal knowledge with everyone to expand educational access and quality for all students.

Mayank Verma

Born and schooled at Bhopal, India, Mayank is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. He is passionate about coding and is dedicated in utilizing his skills to serve the needs of the underprivileged. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing piano and guitar.

Michael Seleman

Born in Egypt, Michael currently studies Computer Science and Biochemistry at Tufts University, after which he had originally planned for a career in healthcare, prior to realizing his outstanding interest in software engineering. As he concludes his time at Tufts, Michael is dedicated to pursuing technical projects that have an outstanding impact on the community at large.

Min Thet Khine

Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, Min is currently a student at MIT majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics. He is interested in how machine learning can be integrated in EdTech to provide personalized learning path solutions for each student. In his free time, Min likes to play his favorite heavy metal songs on the guitar and is also a huge fan of Manchester United.

Muhammad Murtaza

Having grown up in Pakistan, Muhammad is now studying Computer Science and Economics at Duke University. Muhammad's interests lie in working towards accelerating the pace of innovation and solving problems in the developing world using technology in a cost-effective manner.

Peter Zhao

Peter grew up in Northern Virginia, and is currently a freshman at Williams College, studying Computer Science and Economics. Being a low income, first generation student, Peter hopes to give others like him an even better chance at achieving their dreams at a college of their choice.

Rajat Bhatia

Rajat is a second-year, B.Tech CSE student at VIT University, Vellore. He is a specialist in front-end web development and is currently working on his own startup.

Rebecca Shi

Born and raised in New York, Rebecca is a current student at New York University, majoring in Computer Science. She wants to use technology to increase access to education for all students. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys creating digital art and playing board games.

Rebecca Zeng

Having grown up in a household where family members sacrificed their educational goals for the sake of working to bring food to the table, Rebecca learned at an early age that resources can be limited in any student's academic pursuits.  She currently studies computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, and aspires to bring awareness and action to the resource discrepancies between all students.

Renato Spacek

Born and raised in Brazil, Renato currently attends UMass Amherst, where he double majors in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. Renato is passionate about teaching, and believes that everyone should have access to high quality education. His main goal is to spread knowledge and information as much as possible.

Sardar Shubhjeet Singh

Born in a small town in India, Shubhjeet completed his schooling from Delhi Public School, Patna. Currently, he is in his Pre-final year at Vellore Institute of Technology pursuing Computer Science Engineering. He believes that there is no substitute for hard work.

Shalini Singh

Shalini, brought up in Northern India, did her schooling in City Montessori School and is presently pursuing a Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Trichy. Shalini believes in smart, as well as hard, work and is looking to advance herself in a technological environment.

Shuyi Qi

Shuyi is a second-year student majoring in Computer Science and French at Grinnell College in rural Iowa. Before college, she grew up in Shanghai and lived there for 18 years. Shuyi is passionate about using digital tools to make education more accessible and more efficient.

Simon Zeng

Originally from Arizona, Simon studies Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University. In his free time, he loves to cook and work on side projects. With CollegePrep, he hopes to help create a world where anyone can attain quality education if he or she so desire.

Sophia Qin

Majoring in electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley, Sophia is motivated and ambitious about technology. She has worked to bring hope, education, and empowerment to both her community and to girls in underdeveloped areas - from hosting a coding summer camp at her high school to sponsoring over 500 girls their STEM educations in Guatemala's biggest dump city. 

Tanvi Jadhav

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Tanvi is pursuing Masters in Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Bombay. She believes that education must be available for everyone who is willing to seek it. She is passionate about leveraging technology to simplify people's life.

Thu Nguyen

Thu studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. Her vision is a world where education and health care are accessible to everyone. She also loves programming and playing video games.

Vibhu Dagar

Born and raised in India, Vibhu is pursuing a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University, Vellore. He believes in giving everyone an equal chance and having education easily accessible for students all over the globe.

Weizhen Sheng

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Weizhen Sheng is studying networks/social systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about the growing role of tech in education, social networking, and the arts.

Zhikang Xu

Born in China, Kyle is a new graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and an incoming masters student at University of Washington's HCDE program. He is an engineer, designer and innovator by heart, with one goal in life: build and design innovative products that help people.